Prototype Done (with an oops)!



Our push to do an early alpha was actually a push to do an early prototype according to our Executive Producers (oops).

I made a mistake while reading the original schedule given to us and in the schedule I made so this means we’re decently ahead of schedule even though we lost a lot of sleep over it! YAY~!

I really want to thank our main programmer who was up until 4:58 am on that day to compile and make everything work.

A build of this prototype is complete, and you’re free to check it out and test it!



Additionally, we had a few other groups submit their prototypes to our Executive Producers. They have regular updates like us!

  • Noodle Machine
    • This passionate team is making a surreal dream game with a gril who is a gifted artist that wonders around her dreams!
  • Bone Meal
    • This colorful team is making a pixel based game with creepy creatures and a main character who uses an umbrella as a weapon!

2 thoughts on “Prototype Done (with an oops)!

  1. Yeah, so far so good guys! If you need more feedback, let me know, I have many friends who can probably give better feedback than me. I’ll try to test all your builds whenever they come out.
    (BMU, it’s me, YBuy. Not rando Stalker-Sama)

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